Local Politician is acting against Roland Duchatelet

The Member of Parliament for Greenwich and Woolwich, Matthew Pennycook has stated on social media that he is writing to the English Football League after concerns of antagonism between the Charlton fans and the regime has reached a worrying level.

The announcement from the lawmaker comes after reports from Charlton fans and the Evening Standard, that a fan was attacked after leaving the Valley ground by unmarked private security, who had no form of identity showing – due to him waving a North Korean flag in the ground to compare the current state of Charlton as a dictatorship.

Matthew Pennycook taking further action is a positive sign for the Charlton fans, especially as it coincides with Coventry MPs stepping up the pressure themselves against the FA and the Football League after the deteriorating state Coventry City finds itself in.

Additionally, this becomes even more serious when Football is currently in the spotlight after evidence of mismanagement and corruption with Sam Allardyce, as well as a few other names throughout the Football League. For example: Barnsley sacked their assistant manager Tommy Wright due to corruption charges, and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is rumoured to have taken a £55,000 bribery.

MPs are currently questioning the fitness of the FA as well as the tests they use to assess an owner’s feasibility to run a football club. The MPs will be aware of the state of clubs such as Charlton Athletic, Coventry City, Leeds United, Leyton Orient and Blackpool.

A small step by the MP, with a letter which may not have any effect, but still an action with political weight, and the letter is one of many politically weighted actions waged against Football at the moment. This could help build upon serious pressure against Roland Duchatelet and Katrien Meire.

I am sure all Charlton Athletic fans will welcome this action.

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