The fight for the soul of Charlton Athletic is bound to intensify!

Earlier in October, the reputable TalkSport presenter and Sports Journalist – Jim White analysed the current state of Charlton Athletic with other football guests on his radio show. This particular show, looked at recent protests and where it all began with Duchatelet, and later went onto pledge to Charlton fans that he would get answers for the Charlton Athletic fans, in terms of what their plans are and why they are still at the club.

Jim White was seen on the weekend speaking to Katrien Meire at the Gillingham game, we now know he was inviting her onto his show this week to discuss and get answers for the fans as he promised.

The 30 minute feature Katrien Meire was part of, along with Jim White, Dean Saunders and Danny Murphy was particularly mild, and unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge and insight of the radio panel – Meire was most definitely not challenged enough and was able to run away with rhetoric.

It has come to light this season that Charlton Athletic have hired a Public Relations firm to aid Katrien Meire in rebuilding her character and indirectly Roland Duchatelet’s. And if anything this was abundantly clear in the interview. The show featured a large range of sound bites that were politically crafted and constructed to trick and fool the “uneducated” football community.

Anyone who does not know the challenge that Charlton Athletic fans face on a weekly basis would be absorbing this content, and most definitely changing their view upon the actions being taken by Charlton fans, and in particular CARD.

The Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD) became aware that Charlton Athletic fans were censored from being able to call-in during the show to challenge her sound bites with facts, and even after the show when she was off-air, for fans to speak to the presenters who hosted the CEO. Instead the organisation which represents the vast protest groups against the ownership created a statement and sent it to TalkSport in advance – but unfortunately it was not utilised by the presenters:

The umbrella organisation which is CARD is far from incompetent or stupid and if anything has led to certain changes in the right direction from the ownership this season in the aim to try and appease the vast majority of fans, but the majority of us agree that it is far too late.

CARD are also aware of the potential damage that this fan-censored 30 minute interview could do to their reputation in the wider football community, but will continue to defend and fight for the fans.

I would expect CARD to intensify, and to continue to push ahead with protests, in order to try and oust the owners out of the club by the end of the season, hopefully sooner, and long may they succeed with this endeavour.

This Saturday at Chesterfield is “Free Speech” day at the Valley, where CARD are emphasising fans to bring in home-made banners to show the club that the fans will not stand for oppression and will fight has hard as they have done before. We will get our Charlton Athletic back, and we will celebrate it just as much as we celebrated our return to the Valley.

In recent weeks, rumours have been circling around that there have been investors seen at the Valley who are looking to buy Charlton Athletic from the infamous Duchatelet and his minions. Katrien Meire brutally confirmed that Charlton Athletic are not for sale, and there have been no approaches.

However, Rick Everitt mentioned in his piece for the Sun, that we should take that Charlton will not be sold with a “very large pinch of salt”. Everitt is a well-informed and educated Charlton Athletic fan, with a large bank of knowledge in terms of what is going on at the club, so not all hope may be lost regarding a possible sale. The original rumour stated that the ownership would be gone by February 2017.

If you missed the radio show, listen here: Charlton chief executive Katrien Meire says controversial owner Roland Duchatelet will NOT sell up

Rick Everitt’s article in the Sun, on the radio show: BELGIAN WAFFLE – Don’t believe any of Katrien Meire’s rehearsed lines – the club still stinks from top to bottom.

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