Russell Slade’s job threatened by network “British” manager


Roland Duchatelet and the regime are not blind, and despite the Belgian Tycoon not being in South East London, his minions will be whispering in his ear, and if he truly watches our games via live stream, he will know Charlton Athletic have had an underwhelming start to the season.

A squad with our calibre, in my opinion, is one which can easily push for a play-off position, but I believe certain old habits of Slade is preventing many of our players and the team to operate in an effective and attacking unit. Despite seeing on a few cases they do have that potential, such as against Port Vale (1st half), Coventry City, Shrewsbury and Scunthorpe United.

It is a proven football theory, if you locate the correct manager, which fits the team, the squad and the club itself, it will be a true success – but all four of these specifications must be met.

Does Slade meet them? No, not really.

I think Slade is a proven EFL manager, but not a proven promotion winning manager. Does he fit the team? Well, you would argue that he has selected the targets and built the foundations of a squad, so surely so? But we saw from Ajose’s celebration and through the squad’s performances there has been inconsistencies and untapped potential, so questionable.

The best way to measure your feelings towards Russell Slade as the man to lead our club back to the higher echelons of English football is to imagine the regime were not present in South East London. There is a mentality among fans, which is understandable, we settle for the best out of a bad bunch – and Slade meets that criteria, the best of insufficient candidates. Therefore, I do not think he will succeed in our promotion this season, despite how much I would welcome him to prove me wrong.

From recent images at the Valley, it would seem that not only myself and a large group of Charlton fans are thinking that Slade is not suitable. It could be possible that the regime are waiting for Slade to fail and are lining up a “British” network replacement.

The Norther Irish and Ex Sint-Truiden boss Chris O’Loughlin was watching from the Valley directors’ box on Saturday, when Charlton Athletic beat Chesterfield 1-0 in the closing minutes.

Are the regime speculating of replacing Russell Slade already ? The difference between me and a large group of other fans thinking that Slade is not the man for promotion, does not mean we think he should be replaced by a network manager. We believe he should be replaced by a proven EFL promotion manager.

I would not be surprised if the regime use the fact he is Northern Irish to try and sell him to the fans. I would not doubt that their disconnect from the fans, means they think when we say “British” we mean nationality, when quite clearly we mean proven EFL experience.

My intensive referee training begins this Saturday with the London FA, and as a result I will miss one or two games coming up, but it could be a possibility that when I return to the Valley, a network manager once again, will be leading our club on the pitch.


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