The shocking truth about Karl Robinson


A large proportion of fans thinking about, watching, listening and going to the game against our South London rivals on Wednesday evening did not expect much from the game to be honest in terms of a result.

I mean take a look at the statistic below from @Nozza_ :

However, what fans did expect is fight, grit and determination – a set of players that feel a sense of club patriotism to go and fight for the shirt they wear, and the badge they carry. Did Charlton do that last night? Far from it.

I am one of the fans that has unfortunately fell victim to the wave of aggressive charm that Karl Robinson has pursued since coming to South East London, and I genuinely believed that he could have used the passion he espouses, to rile up his players and get them really fighting. Oh how I was so very wrong!

Here is a statistic to show that Karl Robinson maybe let his ego, and dreamy visions run away from him:

As it currently stands Karl Robinson has a worst record for his first five games in charge, then our infamous interim manager Karel Fraeye did last season – which I think we can all agree, Fraeye was a massive low point.

It is time for Karl Robinson to start practicing what he preaches, using the passionate words and putting them into practice.

I think as fans we can all agree we were never most likely going to get promoted under Russell Slade, and I was most definitely not his biggest fan, I was one of the earlier fans calling for his dismissal as all of our attacking players, never left our own half. However, at least our back five were strong, and we had a solid defensive record, conceding a small amount of goals – Slade was clearly going for the build from the back approach.

But in the last five games Robinson has been in charge, our defence has turned into wet paper, any player running against us, as witnessed against Peterborough and Millwall, we just collapse – the only legacy Slade held has definitively diminished. So what on earth has changed? Our defence has lost all their confidence which was so high under Slade in such a short period of time, and I really do not know how to comprehend how that has happened in just five games!?

As usual our squad is riddled with injuries, I think we are at a total between 6 and 8, which are all first team starters – but that just identifies a massive flaw in our transfer window and squad strategy – we have built no contingencies in the squad for injuries or illness, but we have learned from our mistakes though, right? Not sure.. maybe I’m just being weird {…} and stupid.

I think as fans we need to back Karl Robinson for at least another two transfer windows, so he can build a team which can actually run, a team which does include a midfield, a team which has a number 10 and works as an attacking force to score goals! Although I do know two transfer windows is a stretch for a manager at a club, which hires and fires managers every 20 or so games.

I do think we should see gradual improvement after January, as the likes of Ricky Holmes should be back, plus the new additions from the transfer window. I personally think we need to see 5-6 players come in January, including:

  • x1 Centre Midfielder
  • x1 Number 10
  • x3 Attacking wide players

But from what I understand Robinson is only planning on bringing in 1 or 2, which are former players from MK Dons, the same players which have worked so hard and done so well that MK Dons now sit in 18th.

Another interesting point, is that James Seed mentioned yesterday on Twitter, that he has a bad feeling that Karl Robinson has been firmly told that he will not be able to obtain the transfer targets he wants in the transfer window. Oh jolly good!

Sacking Karl Robinson would be a monumental mistake – but then again, it is Roland Duchatelet we are talking about, if Karl does not start going on a winning run and collecting points – Roland may begin to think about looking at our 8th manager / head coach. Maybe even just in time for his anniversary of buying us!

As usual it is full of joy and optimism down at The Valley.

Keep the faith, the tides will turn.. at some point.


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