Charlton Athletic Worst Moments of 2016 – Part One

A reflection of 2016 by Kyle Andrews – looking back at the worst moments Charlton fans faced in this rather dismal year!

Chris Powell's Flat Cap

In a year contaminated with embarrassing performances, results so poor that relegation from the Championship couldn’t be avoided and competing in League One wasn’t possible, and Roland Duchatelet continued his destruction of Charlton Athletic looking back some of the worst moments of 2016 isn’t exactly an appetising prospect.

The side pathetic, four managers failing to succeed at a crisis club, and the regime antagonising supporters at every opportunity. If there wasn’t disconnection by the end of 2015, there certainly is now.


Karel Fraeye’s management, Katrien Meire’s lies, and Duchatelet’s overall running of the Addicks among the things that have contributed to a gruesome 2016.

Two pieces to follow looking back at some of the very worst moments in a year of endless bleak moments.


Embarrassment at Colchester (09/01/2016)

As I sit writing this, almost a year after his tenure as interim-but-not-interim head coach came to an end, I still feel…

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