Football will never be just a sport!


Despite how rather cliche the title of this post is, I think it carries relevance and has genuine meaning for what I am about to discuss.

The little soldier Bradley Lowery is somewhat of a name within the footballing family and community which has become a lot more apparent in recent months. He is a young Sunderland fan who has been diagnosed with a cancer called neuroblastoma, and has been told by the doctors and medical team that there is no longer anything they can do for him.

But Bradley refuses to give up! In recent months he has been a mascot and been to visit a range of football clubs throughout England which mean something to him, meeting some of his favourite players. His most notable visits have been at Goodison Park and the Stadium of Light.

Bradley’s day at Goodison.

Little Bradley’s Big Match Experience.

Coventry City fans are now asking Bradley and Coventry City if he can be their mascot at their Wembley Chequetrade Trophy final!

Since the injection and investments of billions of pounds, euros, dollars and almost all other currencies into arguably the most successful sport of the world, the men and women in boardrooms tend to forget just how much football means to so many people, and Bradley has done something notable in reminding everyone of what it means to be part of the football family.

I wish the little warrior and his family all the best in his fight. Thank you Bradley for reminding everyone in the modern age of football what the sport is truly about! Football is a love, a passion, and a family first and only second is it simply just a sport.


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