Technological and Scientific Advantage

Karl Robinson and his team are introducing innovative medical technology at Sparrows Lane starting this summer with the intention to reduce and minimise injuries over the season.


Charlton Athletic have continued to be a side which has struggled with injuries over recent seasons, and with a reduced depth in the squad, it has taken a huge toll on the club.

It has given birth to inconsistency within the team week-in and week-out, as well as create rising healthcare costs for the club.

Over the last few years it was rumoured that a large amount of back staff personnel had been scaled back as part of a cost-cutting measure by the senior management board, and if this is true, would have a direct correlation with an increase in sustained and long-term injuries, due to a lack of treatment and preventative care.

Last season alone we had important members of the side, that the manager relied on the most, injured for significant periods of time, which no doubt had an impact on our final 13th place finish. The injuries of Ricky Holmes, Josh Magennis and Jason Pearce come to mind.

Karl Robinson recently spoke to the press and made clear that they are set to introduce the top of the range technology to enhance preventative care for injuries, and ultimately ensure a more consistent and sustained team throughout the season.

Before training, all the squad will undergo a 30-minute test, and interact with machinery which will highlight any areas of concern on the player, such as muscles and ligaments which may pose a form of injury risk.

Any risk potentially identified will then be checked over by the medical team, and ultimately a decision will be made in regards to whether or not they should take part in training.

It is understood this is an initiative that was a hard bargain driven by Karl Robinson and ultimately aided in securing the investment.

We will have to wait and see if this technology will finally remove the blight of injury that we see inflicted upon our squads season after season.

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